Surf Media GmbH

Network and Security

» A secure and fail-safe infrastructure forms the basis for the processing of large volumes of private data. Data protection and data security are of utmost importance to us, and our highly available systems comply with state-of-the-art requirements and standards to protect us from malware and the theft and abuse of data.

Our system administrators and DevOps for Linux and security are experts in the areas of secure systems, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and in-house cloud systems, and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the application and of our IT landscape in general. Our ongoing analyses allow us to identify and remedy any security risks before they can pose a threat. Our Windows administrators ensure the smooth and efficient operation of our company network, Windows servers and client systems. They address issues such as active directory infrastructure, security, virus protection, back-up solutions and the cross-locational utilization of resources.



» Our application engineers implement future-proof solutions and individual websites with the latest technology. Based on a test-driven, agile programming process, our quality is continuously optimized starting with the development process. We work with the Scrum method which allows us to make adjustments in the course of a project. In addition to the optimum functionality of a website, visitors must be offered high-quality design because functionality and design form a unit. Our web designers see to the proper presentation of products. A clear, communicative design with structured user guidance is an effective means for creating customer loyalty.

A large part of our IT is based on standard technologies. We develop our products in languages such as PHP, XML, Java, Perl, etc. and use database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle to ensure their optimum integration ability. Both our front-end and our back-end programming is done internally. The Surf Media web designers are Illustrator and Photoshop specialists and are happy to use CSS and HTML or XML to create design guidelines based on different content management systems.


Payment systems

» Another key business area of Surf Media is the development and automation of payment processes, especially for the online sector. We develop technical platforms covering all the technical requirements for billing systems. Our technical solutions are supplemented by an extensive portfolio of consulting and other services.

Sales generated from digital products or actual merchandise, subscriptions, frequent or 'one-click' payments versus single payments, package offers with partner programs and offers for trial periods are some examples of the product options and implementation methods for various payment options. Our system tracks all customers and payment-related transactions to minimize the default risk.



» The future is mobile. Therefore, Surf Media has a Mobile Development department that specializes exclusively in developing and marketing mobile applications for Android and iOS.

In the context of the agile Scrum methodology, Surf Media handles all the steps that are necessary for developing a successful app: concept development and artwork, development and deployment. Surf Media offers a one-stop concept – from creating the idea to uploading it into a store, including the integration of in-app billing and subscription management.

Your application will be handed in via a service provider’s website. Please note our data protection information.